Terms And Condition

Terms and Condition
By utilizing Zubii, you’re indicating your acceptance of our terms. Kindly review them attentively..

Welcome to zubii.xyz’s Terms and Condition !


We created these guidelines to ensure a smooth and inspiring experience for all our creative minds. Let’s break it down:

By using zubii.xyz, you agree to these terms. If you’re not comfortable, that’s totally fine! We just want everyone on the same page.

Respectful Downloads: Be awesome! Respect copyright laws and avoid anything that might bring down the zubii.xyz community vibe.

Resource Responsibility: Our resources like PSD files, AI files, vectors, and mockups are yours to use for personal and commercial projects. But please don’t redistribute, resell, or misuse them in any way.

Exploring Further: zubii.xyz might link to other websites. What they do is on them, but we strive to connect you with valuable resources.

Account Security: Keep your zubii.xyz account safe! If you suspect any unauthorized activity, let us know right away.

Evolving with You: We might update these terms from time to time. Check back here occasionally to stay informed. We want you to feel confident and in control.

Got Questions? We value your feedback! Feel free to reach out with any questions or comments about our Terms of Use. We’re here to help and make your zubii.xyz experience even better.

Together, let’s make zubii.xyz a thriving hub for creativity!

This version uses a friendly tone, clarifies the types of resources you offer, and emphasizes the collaborative nature of zubii.xyz.