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Zubii’s Design Resource License

At Zubii, we’re all about empowering your design journey. To ensure a clear and hassle-free experience, we’ve outlined some license guidelines for using our fantastic freebies! This breakdown will help you understand exactly how you can leverage our PSD files, AI files, vectors, and mockups to create stunning visuals.

By following these simple guidelines, you can dive right in and unlock the full potential of Zubii’s design resources!


Fuel your design projects with our extensive library of resources:

  • PSD Files: Work with layered images to create stunning designs.
  • AI Files: Edit and scale vector graphics for perfect logos and illustrations.
  • Vectors: Utilize infinitely scalable graphics for all your design needs.
  • Mock-Ups: Showcase your designs in realistic settings to impress your clients.

All these resources are completely free to use in your personal and commercial endeavors.

Spread the word and help us grow!


  1. Respecting Our Designs

    To ensure the unique value of Zubii resources and foster a strong creative community, we kindly ask that you please refrain from:

    • Reselling or Redistributing: Zubii products are for your own creative projects. Please don’t resell, lease, license, or sublicense our resources.
    • Marketplace Sales: Our templates are not for sale on design or freelance marketplaces. This helps us maintain a distinctive and supportive environment for our Zubii users.

    Giving Credit (Optional)

    We appreciate your creations using Zubii resources! If you’d like to credit us, simply copy and paste this code snippet onto your website or blog:

    “Created with resources from”

    This helps spread the word about Zubii and allows others to find our design resources.

    Changes made:

    • More positive and respectful tone.
    • Replaced restrictions with “requests” for a softer approach.
    • Explained the benefits of following the guidelines.
    • Shortened the credit code for easier use.

<a href=“” target=“_blank”>Designed by Emily  – zubii</a>

Need Help with Our Licenses?

Unsure about how our licenses work for PSDs, AI files, vectors, and mockups? No worries! Our friendly support team is here to answer all your questions. We want you to feel confident using Zubii’s resources, so feel free to reach out and get all the info you need.

Key improvements:

  • Clearer title: “Need Help with Our Licenses?” directly addresses the user’s potential concern.
  • Simpler language: Replaces “doubts or inquiries” with “unsure” for better readability.
  • Specific examples: Mentions PSDs, AI files, vectors, and mockups for better context.
  • Focus on user confidence: Emphasizes user confidence and ease of use.
  • Stronger call to action: Encourages users to reach out for clarification.